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Gareon Conley Video Shows Rape Accuser with NFL Prospect at Bar

Gareon ConleyVideo Shows Rape Accuser with NFL Prospect at Bar

4/26/2017 6:03 PM PDT


The woman accusing Gareon Conley of rape was friendly with the NFL prospect at a bar roughly 25 minutes before they ended up in a hotel room together … and TMZ Sports has the video.

The footage show Conley leaving the Barley House in Cleveland around 2:20 AM on April 9th … with the accuser and her female friends following closely behind. At one point the accuser reaches out and touches Gareon’s back. 

A few minutes later, Conley has his arm around another woman in front of the bar and the accuser catches up from behind and grabs his arm. Gareon looks back and appears to hold her hand. 

The video is critical because it appears to contradict what the accuser told police — that she first met Conley in an elevator at the Westin hotel around 2:45 AM. 

Both sides agree they ended up in a hotel room at the Westin together. She claims Conley raped her. Conley adamantly denies the allegation

We reached out to the accuser’s attorney, who stands by his client’s claims that she was sexually assaulted … but says the police report that was released to the public is “incomplete.”

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Kodak Black Found Guilty of Violating House Arrest at Strip Club

Kodak Black Guilty of Hitting Strip Club …Facing Serious Jail Time

4/26/2017 4:50 PM PDT

Breaking News

Kodak Black was just found guilty of violating house arrest by hitting up, among other places, a strip club, and could cost him hard time in prison.

Judge Thomas Lynch slapped the rapper with 5 guilty verdicts Wednesday in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom — finding he’d clearly ventured out of his home without approval from his probation officer.

There was some good news — the 19-year-old rapper was found not guilty of a battery. He was accused of hitting a bartender in the strip joint. Still, being in the club was bad enough.

Kodak will be sentenced next month, and prosecutors are pushing the max, 8 years in prison.

Might be a while before his fans hear new music from Kodak. Enjoy …

[embedded content]

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Caitlyn Jenner Defends Kendall's Pepsi Controversy, She's Just a Model (AUDIO)

Caitlyn JennerDon’t Kill Kendall for Pepsi Disaster… She’s Just a Model!

4/26/2017 4:14 PM PDT

[embedded content]

Caitlyn Jenner says her daughter got a raw deal after the debacle of that Pepsi protest commercial, because after all … Kendall Jenner‘s just a model who showed up for a job.

The Pepsi ad came up during Caitlyn’s interview Wednesday on Andy Cohen‘s Sirius XM Radio show. She says she actually thought the spot was “so cool.”

Caitlyn says she didn’t see the things that pissed off so many people — such as the insensitive depiction of recent protests like the Black Lives Movement. She added, Kendall looked at the script and thought it looked cool … so she shot it “over in the Orient or something.”

Check out mama bear on the defense.

[embedded content]

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Toronto Raptors Star Farts on Team Plane, Teammates Stinkin' Mad (VIDEO)

Toronto Raptors Star Farts on Team Plane… Teammates Stinkin’ Mad

4/26/2017 3:44 PM PDT

Breaking News

It was stank on a plane for the Toronto Raptors … when 7-foot center Jonas Valanciunas blew a fart on the team jet and nearly killed all of his teammates.

P.J. Tucker captured the aftermath (asstermath) on video — showing stars like Demar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry and others struggling to breath.

But the funniest reaction is Serge Ibaka — who looks genuinely pissed about the ass gas at 30,000 feet.

P.J. says the fart was so bad the team needs to burn the seat.

Still better than United …

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Madonna's Obsessed Fan Wants Trial Date Changed, Offended by 9/11 Start (VIDEO)

Madonna’s Obsessed Fan9/11 Trial Start Doesn’t Work!I’m a Retired Firefighter

4/26/2017 3:41 PM PDT


Madonna‘s obsessed fan is ready to take New York City and its cops to court for an alleged beatdown, but he’s not down to do so on 9/11 … out of respect for his fellow firefighters.

Robert Linhart‘s suing the city, claiming NYPD officers roughed him up while arresting him in 2010 outside Madonna’s home. On Tuesday, the court scheduled the trial to start on September 11.

Linhart and his attorney, Pete Gleason, are pissed because they’re both retired members of FDNY. Gleason tells TMZ lower Manhattan courts should be closed on 9/11 in remembrance of officers who died responding to the World Trade Center.

They are petitioning the court to move the start date, ASAP.

As we reported … Linhart was seeking a $5 mil settlement from NYC to make his lawsuit go away. City attorneys balked at that figure.

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Demian Bichir Says El Chapo's Fortune Should NOT Build the Wall, Give to the People! (VIDEO)

Demian BichirDo NOT Spend Chapo’s Loot on the Wall!!Here’s a Better Idea …

4/26/2017 3:05 PM PDT

Demian Bichir says Senator Ted Cruz is outta his damn mind to propose El Chapo‘s billions fund President Trump‘s wall.

When we got the Mexican-born actor at LAX Wednesday, we asked him about the senator’s proposed bill — dubbed the El Chapo Act — which would use his reported $14 billion to pay for the wall.

First off, the former “Weeds” star is clearly NOT a fan of the wall. At all.

He is, however, all about jacking the drug lord’s money. Demian’s concept of what to do with it though is way more Robin Hood than Cruz has in mind.

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Aaron Hernandez's 3rd Suicide Note Was for Attorney, Not Gay Lover

Aaron Hernandez 3rd Note Was for Attorney… Not Gay Lover

4/26/2017 2:33 PM PDT


The three notes recovered in Aaron Hernandez‘s prison cell were written to his fiancee, his daughter and his attorney, Jose Baez … NOT a supposed gay lover, sources tell TMZ Sports. 

The contents of the letters are being kept under wraps for now — but sources familiar with the investigation tell us the ex-NFL player did not leave any sort of a message for another inmate.

There are reports Hernandez had been corresponding with a “gay lover” during his time in lockup — but Baez had previously shot that down as false … saying, “These are malicious leaks used to tarnish somebody who is dead.”

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Genie Bouchard Says 'Cheater' Maria Sharapova Should Be Banned for Life

Genie Bouchard Maria Sharapova’s a Cheater… Ban Her for Life!

4/26/2017 1:17 PM PDT

Breaking News

Tennis pro Genie Bouchard is slamming Maria Sharapova as a “cheater” who should NEVER be allowed to play pro tennis ever again. 

Sharapova returned to pro tennis Wednesday after serving a 15 month suspension for testing positive for a banned substance.

But Bouchard — a 2014 Wimbledon finalist — told TRT World that Sharapova got off wayyyy too easy. 

“She’s a cheater and so to me … I don’t think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play that sport again,” Bouchard said.

“It’s so unfair to all the other players who do it the right way and are true. So, I think from the WTA it sends the wrong message to young kids — cheat and we’ll welcome you back with open arms.”

“I don’t think that’s right and … [she’s] definitely not someone I can say I look up to anymore because that’s definitely ruined it for me a little bit.”

Genie on Sharapova!
Full interview: https://t.co/WUdE4ilKnBpic.twitter.com/Lf38DKOMmS

— Genie Bouchard News (@genie_news) April 26, 2017

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Kevin Gates Sentenced to 30 Months for Gun Charge

Kevin GatesGets 30 Months for Gun Charge

4/26/2017 12:37 PM PDT


Rapper Kevin Gates finally knows his fate in his gun case — he’s going to prison for 30 months.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois says Kevin appeared in court Wednesday and pled guilty to his original charge of felony gun possession. Remember, the outstanding weapons-related warrant popped up the same day he completed his sentence in Florida for kicking a woman in the face at one of his shows.

The warrant was issued because Kevin failed to appear in court for the 2013 gun case.

We’re told Kevin, who has been in jail since March 30, will be transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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Gareon Conley Says Rape Allegations Are 'Completely False, I Did Not Commit a Crime'

Gareon ConleyRape Allegations Are ‘Completely False’‘I Did Not Commit a Crime’

4/26/2017 12:08 PM PDT

Breaking News

Gareon Conley says he is NOT a rapist — and says he has video evidence that will help him prove the allegation against him is “completely false.”

The ex-Ohio State cornerback — and projected 1st round NFL Draft pick — just issued a statement denying the claims in a police report filed in Cincinnati … and says the accuser is trying to ruin his life. 

“The allegations against me concerning the night of April 8/9 that have recently been reported in multiple media outlets are completely false.”

“I did not commit a crime and have not been charged with a crime.”

Conley says he prides himself in doing things “the right way” — adding, “The things being said about me and what happened that night are not true and don’t fit my character at all.”

“I realize that I put myself in the situation and I could have used better judgment. However, I have worked tirelessly to put myself in position to have the honor of being an NFL draft pick and these untrue allegations are putting a huge cloud over my name and the NFL Draft.”

“These allegations appear to be an attempt to ruin this once in a lifetime experience for me and my family.”

“There were several witnesses, including another female, who were present the entire time and have given statements that give an accurate account of what took place. We also have video evidence that further discredits and disprove other versions of these events. I am upset but realize that I am powerless when false accusations are made and people try to convict you in the court of public opinion. It’s sad that your name can get dragged through the mud based upon untrue and malicious allegations alone.”

“I am completely confident that as the facts actually come out my name will be cleared.”

“I was excited about participating in the Thursday’s draft but I have decided that i would be selfish for me to stay and be a distraction to the NFL, the other players and their families who have worked just as hard as me to enjoy the experience so I will not be in attendance.”

“I hope and look forward to the honor of being an NFL player and working to be the best representative, player, person, and teammate that I can be for the team and the community I will be in.”

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Khayre oo caawa hortagey Guddiga Difaaca Baarlamaanka (SAWIRRO)

Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Xukuumadda, Xasan Cali Khayre, ayaa caawa hortagey Guddiyada Difaaca & Ammaanka ee Baarlamaanka Somaliya, oo xilligan uu shir uga soconayo Xarunta Guddoonka Baarlamaanka ee Villa Hargeisa. Shirkan, ayaa waxaa shir guddoominaya Kusimaha Madaxweynaha Somaliya ahna Gudoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka, Prof. Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan Jawaari, oo uu shirka ku wehlinayo Kuxigeenkiisa 1-aad. Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Somaliya, …

Muuse Biixi Oo weerar kuqaaday Gudoomiye Ciro +Video

Aaron Hernandez Autopsy Shows Synthetic Marijuana, Report Says

Report: Aaron HernandezAutopsy Shows Synthetic Marijuana… Prison Raid Ensues

4/26/2017 11:23 AM PDT

Breaking News

Aaron Hernandez‘s autopsy shows the ex-NFL player had traces of synthetic marijuana in his system at the time of his death, this according to reports … but the medical examiner is calling it a “rumor.”

Newsweek is reporting Hernandez’s body tested positive for K2 during a kidney fluid screen conducted during the autopsy. 

The outlet says a full-scale search and raid of the prison was carried out in the wake of the discovery — with law enforcement officials on the hunt for contraband and clues to how the K2 drug got into the prison in the first place. 

It sounds like a scene out of “Orange is the New Black” — only not as fun.

Some officials believe K2 can be smuggled into prison through the mail — since you can dip corners of paper into the liquid for the drug user to consume at a later time.

But we reached out to the Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s office and we were told, “The toxicology is not yet complete so I am guessing this is a rumor.”

The rep told us there is no timeline for when the results will be in. 

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Patti LaBelle Suffers Sneak Attack from Anti-Fur Protesters (VIDEO)

Patti LaBelleUltimate Photobomb From Anti-Fur Protesters

4/26/2017 11:15 AM PDT


Patti LaBelle got a taste of what Kylie Jenner and Kelly Rowland experienced when anti-fur protesters pulled a photo op sneak attack on her.

Patti was signing copies of ‘Desserts LaBelle’ at a Barnes & Noble Tuesday in NYC. The protesters tucked in close with her, posing as fans who wanted a pic — then suddenly whipped their signs and started chanting, “Patti LaBelle has blood on her hands!” 

It’s similar to what happened to Kelly in in New Jersey earlier this month, and to Kylie last weekend in Las Vegas.

The protesters were eventually kicked out by B&N security.

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Queen Noor of Jordan Says It's Impossible To Compare Her to Melania Trump (VIDEO)

Queen Noor of Jordan Impossible To Compare Me to Melania

4/26/2017 10:51 AM PDT


Queen Noor of Jordan clearly does not want to be compared to First Lady Melania Trump.

The Queen arrived at the Refugees International 38th Anniversary Dinner at Mellon Auditorium. She’s big on refugee and missing persons work, as well as nuclear disarmament these days.

Our photog asked if she saw any similarities between herself and the First Lady, other than marrying men who ran a country. The Queen made a graceful exit, saying it was an “impossible” question to answer.

As for comparisons …

— Both women immigrated … Queen Noor was born in the U.S. before moving to Jordan. Melania was born in Slovenia before coming to America.

— Neither was the first wife … Her Majesty was the king’s 4th wife, Melania is Donald Trump‘s 3rd wife.

— They like design … Princeton-educated Queen Noor received a B.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning and worked on international urban planning and design projects in Australia, Iran, the U.S. and Jordan. Melania was a model who wore designer fashions.

Still, apples to oranges.

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Doris Roberts Died More Than a Year Ago and People Are Just Now Realizing

Doris RobertsStill Dead More Than a Year Later… Get a Clue, Folks
4/26/2017 10:50 AM PDT
Breaking News#BREAKING … Doris Roberts died more than a year ago, but it seems some people are just now hearing the news … and sending SUP…

TMZ Live: Chris Soules: The Fatal Accident

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

ON TODAY’S SHOW Kylie Jenner’s New Boo John Legend Trashes Donald Trump Patti Labelle: Accosted By Protesters! Prince:  Epic Mansion Up For Sale!

Baydhabo : Xasaaska Al-shabaab oo lagu wargaliyay in ay is diiwangliyaan

Taliska ciidamada booliiska maamulka K/galbeed ayaa markii ugu horeysay ugu baaqay xasaaska saraakiisha iyo dagaalamayaasha ka tirsan Al-shabaab in ay isa soo diiwaan-galiyaan. Taliyaha ciidamada booliiska maamulka K/galbeed Mahad C/raxmaan Aadan oo warbaahinta la hadlay ayaa sheegay in lagu wargaliyay xasaaska Al-shabaab in ay is diiwaangaliyaan arintaa oo sida uu hadalka u dhigay qeyb ka …

Yuusuf Jaalle oo loomagacaabay Maareeyaha Guud ee Hey’adda Saadaasha iyo Duulista Hawada Soomaaliya

Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed C/llaahi Farmaajo ayaa maanta u magaacabay Maareeyaha Guud ee Hey’adda Saadaasha iyo Duulista Hawada Yuusuf Cabdi Cabdulle (Yuusuf Jaalle). Wareegto ka soo baxday Xafiiska Madaxweynaha ayaa lagu shaaciyay in Yuusuf Jaalle si rasmi ah loogu magacaabay xilka Maareeyaha Guud ee Hey’adda Saadaasha iyo Duulista Hawada, iyadoo xilka laga qaaday Mr C/waaxid Sheekh […]

Puntland Faah faahin ka bixisay Qaraxyo lagu qabtay Boosaaso iyo raggii watay +Sawirro +Cod

Taliska Qeybta Booliska ee gobolka Bari ayaa Saldhiga Bartamaha ee magaaladda Boosaaso ku soo bandhigay 5 nin oo la sheegay iney wateen waxyaabaha Qarxa islamarkaana ay gacanta ku soo dhigeen ciidamada Madaxtooyada. Taliyaha Qeybta Booliska ee Gobalka Bari Gaashaanle Dhexe C/Xakiin Yuusf Xuseen oo ka hadlay goobta lagu soo bandhigay Ragan ayaa waxa uu sheegay […]

Odayaal laga si daayay Xabsi ku yaalla Baladweyne iyo Muran weli ka taagan +Cod

Wararka naga soo gaaraya Magaalada Baledweyen ee gobolka Hiiraan ayaa waxa ay sheegayaan in maanta Xabsiga Magaalada Baledweyne laga siidaayay 7 oday dhaqameed oo maalmihii lasoo dhaafay ku xirnaa. Xariga Odayaashaan ayaa yimid ka dib markii nin ay isku heyb yihiin oo Askari ah uu dilay qof shacab ah ka dib ay qariyeen odayaashaasi. Maanta […]

'Silence of the Lambs' Director Jonathan Demme Dead at 73

Director Jonathan DemmeDead at 73
4/26/2017 8:22 AM PDT
Breaking NewsOscar winning director Jonathan Demme died in New York Wednesday morning.Demme reportedly died after battling esophageal cancer and also suffered complications from…

Marshawn Lynch Looks NFL Ready During Haiti Charity Trip (PHOTO GALLERY)

Marshawn LynchLookin’ NFL ReadyAt Charity Trip in Haiti

4/26/2017 8:21 AM PDT

Breaking News

While Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders rumors circulated the Internet, Beast Mode was helping his old Seahawks teammates host a football camp in Haiti!!

Marshawn is reportedly a physical exam from joining the Silver and Black … and as the ‘Hawks and Raiders work out a deal, he and Michael Bennett helped Cliff Avril host his annual camp.

The NFL stars taught kids fitness skills, helped build houses in the area, donated supplies to a local school and many other charitable efforts.

The boys spent the week in Haiti … and now Marshawn is headed back to the States to get checked out by the Raiders.

Watch out, NFL … looks like Beast Mode is back in football shape.

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Gareon Conley Boozing at Nightclub Before Alleged Rape (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

NFL Prospect Gareon Conley Boozing at Nightclub Before Alleged Rape
4/26/2017 8:01 AM PDT
EXCLUSIVETMZ Sports has obtained footage of NFL Draft prospectGareon Conley partying at a Cleveland nightclub with a bottle of vodka roughly 2 …

Chris Soules Refused to Come Out of House After Fatal Crash

Chris SoulesRefused to Come Out of HouseAfter Fatal Crash
4/26/2017 7:46 AM PDT
Exclusive Details’Bachelor’ Chris Soules walked away from the scene of the fatal crash, apparently called someone to pick him up and take him home, and w…

Chris Soules Made 911 Call After Fatal Crash and Checked Victim's Pulse (AUDIO)

Chris Soules Made 911 Call After CrashChecked Victim’s Pulse
4/26/2017 7:34 AM PDT
EXCLUSIVEChris Soules called 911 at the scene of the crash before booking it … this according to the 911 audio.You hear a winded Soules — who also…

Qoraalka magaca Gobolka Banaadir oo waxlaga bedelay

Guddoomiyaha Gobalka Banaadir ahna Duqa magaalada Muqdisho Taabid Cabdi Maxamed, ayaa amar uu soo saaray waxaa uu ku faray Waaxyaha kala duwan ee dowladda inay wax ka bedel ku sameeyaan qaab qoraalka Banaadir. Wareegto ka soo baxday Xafiiska Guddoomiyaha ayaa lagu sheegay in Guddoomiyuhu uu isku bedelay xarfaha A iyo E. magaca “Banaadir”, kaasoo dhamaan […]

Dagaal culus oo goor dhow ka dhacay Muqdisho

Wararka inaga soo gaaraya Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa ay sheegayaan in Dagaal culus uu goor dhow ka dhacay Magaalada Muqdisho. Dagaalka ayaa waxaa uu si gaar ah uga dhacay Beerta Qaadka Degmada Hodan ee Gobolka Banaadir waxaana ku dhintay 5 ruux oo dhamaantood ahaa Dad sahcab ah. Dagaalka ayaa waxaa la soo sheegayaa in uu […]

13 Louisiana Lafayette Football Players Arrested in Alleged Dorm Room Theft

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

The University of Louisiana Lafayette football program is in full meltdown mode right now after THIRTEEN PLAYERS were arrested Tuesday night in an alleged dorm room theft. Among the 13 arrested are 8 guys w…

SAWIRRO: Qaraxyada lagu qabtay Boosaaso iyo raggii watay

Taliska qaybta Booliska gobolka Bari, ayaa maanta soo bandhigay rag la sheegay inay katirsan yihiin ururka Al Shabaab oo xalay lagu qabtay gudaha magaalada Boosaaso iyagoo siday qarax lasoo diyaariyay oo lala damacsanaa in illaa saddex goobood lagu weeraro. Taliyaha qaybta Booliska Gobolka Bari, Gaashaanle sare Cabdixakiim Yuusuf Xuseen oo la hadlay Warbaahinta, ayaa sheegay …

Odayaashii ku xirnaa Baledweyne oo qaarkood la sii daayay

Qaar ka mid ah Odayaashii Dhaqanka ee Axadii lagu xiray Magaalada Baledweyne, ayaa waxaa maanta xabsiga laga sii daayay toddobo ka mid ah. Odayaasha la xiray oo hal beel ka soo wada jeeda, ayaa tiradoodu guud waxaa lagu sheegay 12 xubnood, iyadoo ay hadda xabsiga baaqi ku yihiin shan ka mid ah. Nabadoon Islow Rooble …

Johnny Manziel's Fiancee Wants Kids

Johnny Manziel’s Fiancee I Want Kids!

4/26/2017 6:33 AM PDT


Johnny Manziel … future daddy?!

That seems to be the plan according to his fiancee, Bre Tiesi.

The ex-NFL quarterback and his soon-to-be bride were at Catch in L.A. when the “Wild ‘N Out” model told us there could be kids in Johnny’s future.

For now, Johnny says he still plans on getting back into the NFL — but he wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the details when we asked how the comeback is coming along.

By the way, it’s only been 3 years since Manziel was taken with the 22nd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. He’s still only 24 years old.

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Ric Flair's Fiancee In Bad Car Crash, 'Will Be Ok' (PHOTO)

Ric Flair Fiancee In Bad Car Crash… ‘Will Be Ok’

4/26/2017 6:05 AM PDT

Breaking News

Ric Flair‘s fiancee, Wendy Barlow, was hospitalized after a bad car crash Tuesday night — but the pro wrestling legend says it appears she’ll be okay!!

Flair revealed the scary news around 6 PM — saying, “Please Pray for my Fiancé who was just in a serious car wreck. She is at the Hospital.”

Barlow is a former pro wrestling star who became famous as Fifi the Maid.

The good news … Flair delivered an update Wednesday morning showing Barlow smiling in her hospital bed while wearing a neckbrace.

He added, “Wendy Will Be Ok! Thank You For All Of Your Messages And Prayers!!!!.”

“The French Maid Will be Back Soon.”

Story developing … 

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Akhriso Mooshinka: Golaha Shacabka Oo Heshiiska Ciidamada Ku Timaamay Firkad Shishiiye

Golaha shacabka ee baarlamaanka federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya oo dood ka yeeshay mooshin ay soo gudbiyeen guddiga difaaca iyo xildhibaanno kale oo ka tirsan golaha ayaa iska diiday heshiiska ciidamada ee dhowaan la gaaray, iyagoo ku tilmaamay in uu yahay mid shisheeye wato, mashruuc lagu qeybinayo awoodda iyo talada ciidamada qaranka, madaxweynayaasha maamul goboleedyada waxaa […]

Daawo Muuqaal :Wiil Soomaaliyeed oo Dabaq Dheer iska soo tuuray ka dib markii loo diiday sharciga dalka…

Wiil Soomaaliyeed ayaa nafta is dhaafia kadib markii ay ku adkaatay nolasha dalka Talyaaniga kaas oo iska soo tuuray Dabaq Sadex biyaano ah . Wiilkaan oo ku dhintay magaalada Florenza ee dalka Talyaaniga ayaa in mudo ah ku noolaa gudaha dalka Talyaaniga , wuxuuna ka bixi waayay dalka Talyaaniga oo faro ka yaaleen kaas oo …

Haweeneyda ugu dheer iyo mida ugu gaaban caalamka oo ka qeyb galay Aftidii Turkiga (Daawo Sawirro)

Arrimo badan oo cajiib ah oo dadku ay aad ula yaabeen ayaa lagu arkay Aftidii dastuurka ee dalka Turkiga ka dhacday dhowaan, waxaana ka mid ahaa in haweenaydii ugu gaabneyd dunida iyo tii ugu dheerayd ay ka qeyb galay aftidaas. Romeads Gladie oo noqotay haweenaydii dunida ugu dheerayd oo dhererkeedu gaarayo (2 mitir iyo 13 …

Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo la kulmaya Dhigiisa Turkey Erdogan.

Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya ayaa lagu wadaa in maanta uu la kulmo Dhigiisa Turkey Racep Tayyep Erdogan. Mudane Maxweyne Maxamed Cabdullaahi Maxamed Farmaajo ayaa kala hadli doono Madaxweyne Turkey arrimo badan oo iskaashiga labada Dal, soo cusbooneysiinta Heshiisyo horay u wada gaareen Turkey iyo Soomaaliya iyo arrimo kale. Turkey ayaa u soo gurmatay Soomaaliya Sanadkii 2011 xilligaas …

Rag lala Xiriirinayo Burcadbadeednimo oo Maxkamad lagu soo taagay Dalka India

Muwaadiin Soomaaliyeed ayaa ka soo muuqday Maxkamad ku talla Dalka India, kadib markii lagu eedeeyay in ay ka mid yihiin Kooxaha Burcad Badeeda Soomaaliyeed. Sidoo kale, Maxkamada waxaa ka soo hor muuqday muwaadiin kale oo ka soo jeeda Dalalka Kenya iyo Ethiopia, kuwaasi oo loo heysto kiisas ku aadan burcad badeednimo. Eedeysaneyaasha qaarkood ayaa waxaa …

500 oo qof oo u dhintay cudurrada daacuunka ee ka dhashay abaaraha ka jira Soomaaliya

Ilaa 500 oo qof ayaa u dhintay cudurrada daacuunka ee ka dhashay abaaraha ka jira Soomaaliya, sida ay sheegtay Wasaaradda caafimaadka Soomaaliya. Tan iyo markii uu cudurka daacuunka uu ka dilaacay dalka Soomaaliya, waxaa uu kusii fidayay dhamaan Gobollada dalka Soomaaliya, sidaasi waxaa yiri Agaasimaha wasaaradda caafimaadka Cabdullaahi Xaashi. Inkabada 40 degmo oo ka tirsan …

Al Shabaab iyo ciidanka Ethiopia oo ku dagaalamay Gobolka Hiiraan

Dagaal u dhexeeyay Al Shabaab iyo ciidanka dowladda Ethiopia ee qeybta ka ah howlgalka AMISOM ayaa ka dhacay deegaanka Burdaar oo dhaca duleedka magaalladda Baledweyne ee xaruunta Gobolka Hiiraan, sida dadka deegaanka ay sheegeen. Dagaalka ayaa bilowday kadib, markii dagaalyahanada Al Shabaab weerar gaadma ah ay ku qaadeen kolonyo ay la socdeen ciidanka Ethiopia oo …

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